My small weekend haul

This weekend was a bit change for me, as I finally planned and decided to go out of my four walls, and see the world outside. Actually, a lot of its credit would go to my broken iron too. I had to buy a new one, and because of that I had to go out to Star Bazaar at Koramangla. On my way to the place, I landed on the Health and Glow store, and picked up some beauties there. Below is the list:

1) Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick: Rouge-a-levres liquide Labial Liquido

2) Mannings Dental Floss

3) Mannings lemongrass & ginger spa exfoliating bath scrub

I wrote a review for this here at Indian Make up and Beauty Blog.

4) St. IVes Softening Whipped Silk body lotion

5) Dabur gulabari rose water spray

6) Vega Face pack brush

Needless to say, like any other girl I was really happy to shop for something beyond essentials. I have still to try these things, and planning to post the reviews here accordingly. Have a great week ahead!! :-)


  1. wow..great shopping the Revlon's lippie and Gulabari..i love Gulabari...nice blog.

  2. Nice little haul. I have the gulabari and it is very refreshing..
    check this out

  3. Hows the Lemongrass ginger scrub?

  4. Hi Vinitha,

    I have been using it since past 4 days, and totally loving it. Apart from the strong ginger and lemon grass smell, the scrub has been really quite effective on my skin. I have oily skin on face, but the rest of the body has dry skin. The scrub has effectively removed all the dryness, and till now I have not found the need of using body lotion since past 4 days. Will post a detailed review soon!! :)

  5. Nice Haul and all prods look fab :)

  6. Cali could you please swatch the REVLON thingy...and how much did it cost you hun...I have vega blush brush n I aint liking it much how's the face pack brush though..are you liking it????

  7. Hi Dipti!! I'd definitely review that liquid lipstick next. I find the face pack brush quite nice. It is strong and hard and sturdy lol..exactly what can help in applying thick face packs and masks. I think most of the Vega makeup brushes haven't got very good reviews, so I wont be buying them. But this face pack brush is quite good!! :)


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